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Tom Clancy's
Rainbow Six: Siege



Tactical, intense and brutal - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege manages to merge the heart wrenching moments of a stealth shooter with the insanity of a first-person shooter and coordinated play of a team shooter. With a myriad of operators to customise and a focus around squad based play, Siege is the ultimate clan game seeing you use reaction, intelligence and distraction to win.

From Alpha, Beta and the full game TEST Clan have perfected extractions techniques, defused bombs with precision take-downs and secured areas with extreme aggression. With TEST Clan members specialising in defensive play with shields and shotguns, aggression with LMGs, C4 and smoke and support from sniper perches and medical triage TEST Clan have a rounded and skilled squad for both casual and ranked matches, (plus a few custom clan matches just for kicks too).

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