This is TEST

A social and friendly clan that extends beyond the screen.

TEST was officially founded in 2013 by a small collection of gamers that wanted to create a clan focused around team-work and simply having fun. TEST soon became popular for players seeking a more social clan. Today with have over 40 Knights dedicated to PlayStation.

TEST is the acronym of a Latin phrase which translates to 'Fear the Knights at the tip of the arrow' - this is the reason we refer to our members as 'Knights'. More than superficial the reference to Knights we interpret to mean as acting in an honourable manner, we look out for each other in whichever game world we inhabit, we don't cheese or cheat and rely on team-work to succeed.

Beyond Gaming


We have separate channels for each game in WhatsApp so you always have a team.


Anyone in the the clan can share their epic moments across out social platforms.


We host regular challenges for Knights to gain prizes and bragging rights.

Clan matches

To help improve our form we sometimes compete in clan matches both internally and externally.

Our Knights

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